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October 23, 2012



It may be that sequestration is the only way we will ever address run away defense spending. I'd like to see it done differently though.

Defense spending is at ridiculously high levels. And if one is a fiscal conservative then one recognizes that it must be reduced. But an overall review of global challenges and strategy and defense priorities and assessment of both what we need and what can afford is in order.

Unfortunately, the deck is massively stacked in favor of continuing to gift massive amounts of money to defense contractors for things we shouldn't be buying with built in guaranteed profits for them. Not to mention very clever strategies to engender Congressional support for unneeded defense spending. So although sequestration isn't ideal, it may turn out to be a real blessing in disguise.

Loudoun Insider

Excellent post - very true.

Anon. I

Many contracts are a boondoggle. Cry me a river if the defense department or any other agency has to cut some of 'em to save taxpayer money. It's not hurting free enterprise since many contractors are leaches who are entirely dependent upon the Federal teat for sustenance. Some contracts are necessary. But for others, do more in house, and save the taxpayers money.


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