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December 02, 2012


James lightweis

I would urge you to stay away from Lingamfelter and his neocon agenda. Stimpson seems like the best candidate in this race.


If you talking about neocons, then you've gotta be talking about Susan B. Stimpson!

See oversaw the greatest crack down in local government transparency in recent years for Stafford County.

If you have a Freedom of Information Act request, you have to pay a fee plus a per hour invoice for everything from campaign finance reports to judicial records.

Susan B. Stimpson is like Mitt Romney, he may have never raised taxes while Governor, but he introduced and approved thousands of fees for government services.

Stephen Spiker

I'm not sure what a foreign policy philosophy like "neoconservative" has anything to do with Lt. Governor or even Governor, and I'm not sure why anyone thinks Lingamfelter is one, or if they prove he is one, why its bad.

In fact, issuing a blanket statement calling a Republican a "neocon" is awfully reminiscent of what liberals did back in 2005-2008, the same way liberals now use the "Tea Party" label as an attempted slam.

At any rate, Lingamfelter is the real deal. Where I stand isn't that surprising, so all I'll say is just because a lot of candidates have put their hat into the ring doesn't mean that all of them are worth legitimate consideration, and it doesn't take away from the really strong candidates who have announced.

James lightweis

After hearing his speech on foreign policy, thats all I needed to hear to stay away from Lingamfelter. Even though foreign policy won't matter with Being Lt. Governor, it told me a lot of who he was as a candidate. I definitely will not be supporting him.


Steve Martin has a real record to stand on and I believe is head and shoulders above the others.


I actually believe Jeannemarie will help soften the ticket's tone - in large part because she is NOT as conservative as Ken - which will be to Ken's benefit. It will also benefit the party not to have three middle-aged white men atop our ticket.

Bell or Obershain will be AG - both are conservative. Ken at top. Need some diversity on the ticket in more ways than one.

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