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January 23, 2013



The issue isn't the principle behind it, it's the process, which Stewart completely ignores.

It's releases like this that frustrate me about politicians, and people who defend the actions of politicians. They lead to only three conclusions:

1. You've entirely missed the point as to why people are both confused and upset.
2. You don't understand the issue at hand.
3. You know that what was done was shady and underhanded, yet you don't care.

Righting a wrong is something that I would say is almost universally good. Fixing issues of gerrymandering is almost certainly a good thing, regardless of which side does it. Doing it the way it was done is questionable, and the principle and the process should not be conflated.


I guess what I meant was that from Stewart's perspective, as the chairman of the PWC government, he would like some state senators actually FROM Prince William and not from Fairfax or Arlington who just get spokes of his county. Its a valid complaint, and he is from the proper perspective to make it.

Its still a stupid move on the Senate's part.


So PWC is cut up into five Senate district.

Cry me a river.

Tell me again how many Congressional Districts the incumbent protection plan cut PWC into?

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