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July 11, 2013


Not Harry F. Byrd

Chris, the stuff with Rand is exactly the type of crap that scares the living shit out of many Republicans with respect to Ron Paul. The reason many folks dismissed him as a cook was not *just* his foreign policy views, it was the fringe-y associations (racist newsletters, anyone?).

Many people really do wonder *who* Rand is. Is he a slicker version of his father? Or a genuinely unique guy. I've been inclined to cut him some slack. I think he's been more constructive than I ever expected when he was elected, and his constructive relationship with Mitch McConnell, the consummate "establishment" (e for evil!) guy, suggests he's not just interested in blowing the place up. But these type of associations are troubling. I also thought his foreign policy speech at Heritage was genuinely disturbing. But he's got time to adjust there.

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