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March 05, 2014


Oswell Whent

It's uncanny how people react, just as they have been conditioned, by the Skinner box known as the American school system and the Pavlovian bells of the popular culture.

David McKissack

"Her reading was that he was putting this person down for advocating that women rise up in the party and do more."

Epic Fail for "Jess Test," because Fitzsimmonds did not advocate for that. But perhaps nobody showed her the real conversation in question, as well as its context.

The female commenter wrote -- “I also think women are going to be very frustrated about about [sic] a man trying to usurp Barbara’s position in this race...”

Bob FitzSimmonds replied, “I have nothing against Barbara Comstock, but I hate sexist twat.”

"A man trying to usurp" is definitely sexist "twaddle," (which is what Fitzsimmonds clearly meant to say). Nobody -- male or female - is entitled to a nomination. They have to earn it by virtue of character and achievement, which it seems Barbara Comstock is doing. And good for her.

Conservatives used to abhor identity politics, and refused to treat people as limited by gender or race to a certain viewpoint. That viewpoint gave us Barack Obama. It may very well next give us Hillary Clinton.

It's harming the country. It's harming the Republican party.

David McKissack

It's not just that, Oswell. Some people calling themselves "conservative" have decided our side can't win by demanding that all people be treated equally -- they've decided to appeal to people on the basis of race and gender. They've decided that identity politics is smart politics.

Identity politics is antithetical to what this country should be about -- valuing INDIVIDUALS on the basis of their character and achievement, demanding fair treatment of everyone REGARDLESS, NOT BECAUSE OF, their race or gender.

Identity politics DIVIDES people against each other. We see the fruit it bears in the man who occupies our White House, and in the reckless spending of our political class.


David, you are one of these Republicans that live in a fantasy world where everything is in some vacuum. Different people see and perceive things differently and it is folly not to try and understand why that is. This isn't about judging someone's character, it is about what motivates them. Someone being motivated by seeing a women candidate is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing. And yes, Republican women might feel upset if someone that they relate to is being usurped by the party. This bizarre fixation with absolute blindness towards race and gender is EXACTLY WHY we do so poorly with people of different races and females! People like you are so arrogant to think that we have some great message that cuts through all of that. Well look around David, you see many Republicans elected statewide here?

This is about dividing people, which we have become very good at within the party. What the women said did not warrant the put down and slur she got, and the bizarre paranoia that has followed.

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