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March 29, 2006


Shaun Kenney

Awesome post!

Virginia Centrist

Dick Morris knows more about hookers than politics. He should stick to that.

Look - Fox is paying Morris - can we really trust anything he says about Fox's opponents?

Secondly - it's not neccesarily true that hispanics will vote Democratic. They're typically very socially conservative. If you think Democrats support amnesty because they want more voters, then you're quite blind to this situation.

Democrats support strengthening the borders (some, like myself, support a fence), but we also believe in treating people who have set up families in our country like humans.


Actually, Virginia Centrist, I don't think average Republicans and average Democrats are actually not that far from each other on this. The problem is certain interest groups on the extremes of both sides are pulling us away from a solution--because they need conflict to exist.

About Dick Morris, your right to a point. He is often wrong, and I said the he sounds smart but is often wrong. His book on Hillary vs. Condi is pretty ridiculous. But my point is that the more liberal Democrats like Pelosi bash Republicans and say they are anti-Hispanic, that gets back to Mexico where far-left politicians use it to bash America.

You are also right about the Hispanic vote. But illegal immigrants, who are generally poorer, will vote overwhelming Democrat. Hispancs start voting GOP when they start aquiring some money.

But I am serious, I really think that Republicans and Democrats on the ground are closer on this subject then most think.

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