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June 28, 2006


Miss Boleyn

I don't think Wadhams even remotely has the gravitas to be in LaCivita's league, nor Matalin's - or Gillespie's. Wadhams seems a little too trigger happy, he nearly crossed the line over the flag-burning amendment. He makes Allen look desperate. I wish he would stop giving Webb's camp the opportunity to point out that Allen never served in Vietnam, or the military at all. Sure - those of us in VA know that Allen didn't turn 18 until 1970 - but the MSM never picks up on the nuances.

Frankly, I - for one - thank goodness that LaCivita came back to VA from his national gig to save Allen again. LaCivita ran the most brilliant campaign for Allen in 2000. I hope Wadhams'shuts up long enough for him to do it again.

Otherwise, Allen will never make it to the big game in 2008.

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