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June 07, 2006


James E. Martin

ONLY after you enlist and serve in Iraq can you call another a coward. Until then you are the same as him.

Mason Conservative

I used to respect you James.

Lt. Watada has never served in Iraq, either. As someone who might have someone go to Iraq, and might die, it burns me up to no end to think that he could have to rely on an officer like this. You put that uniform on, ITS A CHOICE. He can resign his comission and leave the military. Instead, this is a political agenda. And to turn your responsibility for the life and well being of your men into a political agenda is cowardice.

And to say that just because I haven't been to war means that I can't judge someone is assinine and underneath someone of your intellegence. What kind of standard is that? Only those who fought can speak about it? What kind of road is that to go down? According to James Martin, I can't make judgements on the military becasue I haven't served.

Well, are you making judgments on the military? On Hidatha? On Don Rumsfeld? By your logic, because YOU haven't served, you can't judge them, either.

Mason Conservative

2 More Points From:

Via Tanketodd:
1. He signed up knowing full well he was liable to be sent to war. He did not stipulate some sort of "veto" rights when he swore an oath to obey the lawful orders (and they are lawful) of those above him. You wear the uniform, you go where you're told. Millions of others before him went even though they might not have agreed. Heck, people followed leaders that were morons who could get them killed. That's how the army works. It's got to be that way Bodie.

2. He's not going but his unit is. One of the hallmarks of military service is strong loyalty to unit. Even if he didn't want to go or thought the deployment was illegal, I would expect that out of loyalty alone, he'd go to support his comrades. This is magnified 100 times if he happens to be a platoon leader or executive officer. He must be the guy in the unit that everyone hates.

James E. Martin

I didn’t judge him... You did. That’s my point. What i said was that only after you have joined the military and faced the possibility of deployment you cant judge his actions. You brother however can.

Mason Conservative

So you can only judge by doing? What kind of standard is that for society. Its the dangerous, make-no-judgement moral realativism that has destroyed liberalism in American. When we make no social judgements, when we tolerate everything, we get chaos.

James E. Martin

You called a man a coward who had the balls to serve his country in the US military.

Mason Conservative

James, he DOESN"T have the balls to serve his country. Serving your country is more than doing drills at Fort Lewis. When it came time to really serve, to sacrifice, he turned his back on his men, his army, and his country for his own political reasons. How can you say he served? HE HASN'T!


Anyway that you look at this so called 1LT he is a coward. I am a SPC in the US Army. I am 8 months pregnant with my second child. In February of 2007 I will be eligible for deployment. Do I want to go to Iraq?.....NO! However, I enlisted in the military to serve my country and that's exactly what I plan to do. What 1LT Watada doesn't realize is that now another 1LT is going to have to replace him over there most likely. He is really screwing his comrades over. Bottom line...He took the oath and he is now trying to back out of his obligations. One Word---TREASON. I hope they throw the book at him.
And James I can call him a coward because I am in the military and I know what it means to deploy.


Don't bother listening to James. Apparently his idea of serving is going on a joyride in the Iraqi desert and pounding your chest to civilians back home who "don't have what it takes" as if people like us couldn't match the mettel of people like them who chose to go to Iraq and then suddenly wimp out and gripe when the situation gets hairy. ¬_¬

I find more inspiration from people who had no choice but to serve (draft) then those James likes to glorify as "macho crusaders".

What a joke.


You know, I used to think that the military should just slap him on the plane and send him anyway. Now I think they need to hang him as a trraitor. This man took his commision AFTER TROOPS were being sent and AFTER the war began. He is an embarrasment. His father did the same thing durring Vietnam, and now he is doing it.

I hope they kill him.

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