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June 26, 2006


Not Larry Sabato

Don't trash James Webb and Colin Powell on this issue. What do you know about service to this country?

Not Larry Sabato

Because serving the country is more about being in the military. What have you done to better your community recently?

Mason Conservative

Typical liberal answer. Ignore the criticism and attack the critic. I don't have to justify what I do for my community to anyone. You don't know me, you don't know the things I do. What I do for my church and all that goes with that.

BTW, I never trashed Webb or Powell. Where did I make a personal attack? I criticized that position, not the man. Then I pointed out how liberlas selectivley cherry pick veterans to back them up, while ignoring other heroes like Sam Johnson, John McCain, and Bob Dole (all who can claim the hero mantle just as easily as Powell, Glenn, or Kerrey) who are for this amendment. I know your a kingpin around the blogosphere, but don't come in here and act like you know what I do and attack me when all I did was go after Webb's positions, not him personally.

Its my flag, too.


justice scalia also thinks that picture should be protected speech


The focus of Webb's press release doesn't indicate that Webb finds the practice of flag-burning admirable. Rather, the key here is that he (and presumably his supporters) find the discussion a **distraction** from more important issues and a source of divisiveness when he (Webb) seeks to bring people together to deal with other (he believes) more important issues.

I consider myself a patriot. I have a blog which I deliberately nameed "The Modern Patriot". And I find this issue of far lesser significance than many other matters. I also consider it a distraction from more important matters like the war in Iraq, the deepening jobs crisis, deterioration of the U.S. industrial capacity, the trade deficit, the national debt, border security, the rising military capabilities of China, deteriorating diplomatic relations with Russia, deteriorating U.S. military capabilities...

Mason Conservative

I'm sorry but I don't think that the protection of one of the last remaining symbols of American unity as something of lesser significance. Sorry, I just don't. If this is not important, then I don't know what is.

Not Larry Sabato

Right, because people who do a lot for their communities typically refuse to discuss it.

I don't know you, even though you live very close to me according to your IP, because you are not active around here. Get off your rear end and do something instead of attacking Colin Powell.

Mason Conservative

I'm not attacking Colin Powll. Who said anything about Colin Powell. Geez man, if your gonna accuse me of attacking anyone, at least say Jim Webb, who the post was obstensibly about. If i'm going to be accused of attacking someone, at least lets get straight who its suppose to be.


I think it is very wrong to desecrate the American flag by burning it...it is a symbol of unity and all that other stuff. But do you honestly think that it is worthy of a Constitutional amendment banning it. Think about it...the flag is an inanimate object, not a person...does it really need rights?


Another thing...if burning the flag is so bad, what about all of the other things that you shouldn't do to it...like tearing it, or displaying it when it is tattered. For something that is so sacred, how come I don't hear any of the people pushing for the amendment complaining about American flags with tags that say MADE IN CHINA?

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