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June 22, 2006


Mimi Schaeffer

My daddy, who was 42 years old than I, went to LSU during Huey Long's reign of power.

Always said the man did more for Louisiana than any other person; and claimed if he hadn't gotten shot, he'd surely would have been the next president.

I always dreamed of going to LSU, same as my dad, meeting a genteel Southern gentlemen and living happily ever after.

Didn't quite work out that way, although I did marry a Southerner, born in Arkansas and lived in both Louisiana and Texas.

My daughter went to the University of Texas, married and lives in Texas.

My background is quite the "mix." Cuban-American, Southern Baptist with roots in the South, and a "howling" liberal.

Its' the Bible; and God's greatest commandment to feed his sheep and take care of the least of them.

Go figure!

Mason Conservative

Yeah thats the thing about Long that made him so popular. The only people who were getting screwed were the big people, not the little guy. Long's brand of populist marxism (redistribution of wealth--thats all you can call it) is what FDR saved us from. Though Long was colorful and did incredible things for Louisiana, he was a very dangerous demogouge.

But I can't blame people from LA for loving him. He was the only one who cared.

NoVA Scout

MC: Read "All the King's Men." Read it slowly and carefully. It achieves greatness on several levels. The writing is superb, the thinly veiled use of Huey Long as the model from Willy Stark (Willy Talos in the most recent re-release)is informative and mesmerizing. If this is not the best American novel of the 20th century, it is certainly the best political novel of all time.

As acclaimed and honored as the 1949 movie was, I thought it was a pale and disappointing version of the book. I hope the new movie is better. Gandolfini is an interesting choice. He could be a very effective Willie/Huey.

All the King's Men was required reading in college - I remember it but it didn't really hit me hard. Then I read it again last year during the 2005 primaries. Blew me away.

Mason Conservative

Thanks, methinks I will check that out. I LOVED the movie, and books always blow movies away.


I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but Sean Penn is slated to play Willie.


Gandolfini will play Tiny Duffy...but on a personal note I must disagree with you. Gandolfini would be too physically dominating to be Willie, but is perfect to be the large and smooth talking-and ultimately dangerous-Tiny Duffy. Penn is a smaller man physically and as a results might be better suited to showing a person rising to danger and prominence than the larger Gandolfini.

As much as I look forward to reading the new Huey book, I will say that no reviewer has suggested it is better than T. Harry Williams Pulitzer Prize winning bio of the Kingfish...now THAT is a bio. Then, when finished with that book, read "The Power Broker" by Robert Caro-perhaps the single best one volume bio of the 20th century.


...and now, having read "Kingfish", can say that not only is William's book superior, Williams does not take gratuitous shots at previous authors on Huey Long.

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