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September 24, 2006



I was once a reader of NLS, despite being a Republican. He could occassionaly be fair and there was a good exchange of ideas.

Not any more. He's just gone to s**t.

I'm sorry to say I agree with you Chris, and am cutting back on my blog reading and exchanges of opinions because of it.

Not Ben

Martinsburg is in West Virginia. I think you meant Martinsville.


MC, you can't turn off political discussions when your candidate is the victim of sophomoric attacks. You're better off just not sinking to that level. Focus on the policies and not the politics. Criticize Webb's Iraq solution, not his writings about women in the military. It'll probably pack a more powerful punch in the end.


The Salon article -- which has some indicia of reliablility -- describes more than just a youthful prank or an occassional "n word": it contains a first person account that Allen, as UVA quarterback, lead some of his team-mates into an act of severe racially motivated cruelty.

It suggests that for all of Allen's excuses about being naive about the symbolism of the rope, the confederate battle flag and all, he was fairly informed: how many college quarterbacks do you think knew the name of the leader of United Klans of America?

As THE big man on campus at UVa at that time, he had the responsibility to lead in the right direction.

The story is troublingly consistent with some of the other incidents that have been reported from Allen's younger days.

Alleged Juvenile misconduct bears a certain presumption of irrelevance until proven otherwise even in presidential politics: but this account, if true, would mean that alot of the rationalizations we have been hearing from the Allen campaign have been hollow: the Salon report suggests a kind of Jekyl and Hyde aspect of Allen that would be relevant in the career of any major office holder.

No doubt the Allen camp is discussing how to respond now, before all this breaks out in the MSM. It is fair that he be given this opportunity to consider his response before the storm. I don't think that we all can just assume that the account is true just because it is from a physician and former team-mate, and confirmed by some accounts: but if true, we cannot minimize it.



I'm with you on this, MC. I didn't like the crap between Miller and Webb, and I don't like this stuff either. I haven't posted the "Webb is sexist" stuff on my blog.

Webb should be rejected because he has no plan, and his philosophy (such as we can ascertain it) is antithetical to success for Virginia or our country. Not because of something he did or didn't do 30 years ago.

And Allen should win because he has a proven record of service to Virginia and our Country as Governor and Senator, because his philosophy is the right philosophy for governance, and his record shows a sound grasp of issues and of being on the right side of them. Not because he was rude to a Webb staffer, or his mother hid her Jewish heritage, or someone is lying about something from college.


Panda, you are just continuing the baseless attacks. In the internet era, it's too easy to find SOMEONE willing to lie about the past.

You don't think the republicans could find SOMEONE to anonymously claim Webb used the n-word, or some other offensive reference to minorities? That some woman might not accuse him of abuse, or, well, anything else you could think to smear someone with?

Shelton has been proven to have lied about his nickname, the ONE charge he made for which we could have obtained proof. His claim about the n-word is countered by every other person willing to go public from that time with Allen. His claim about why Allen attended college is at odds with the record, and with statements from others who knew Allen better than Shelton.

That leaves the deer incident -- which has NO other witnesses. There is no police report, no record of anybody finding a head. Only Shelton's word. The only witness just coincidentally died a few months before Shelton came forward.

Shelton wants us to believe that not only did he have no problem with Allen getting elected Governor or Senator as a racist who committed a hate crime, but now is coming forward.

And we have to believe that half the UVA team was racist, and are lying to hide it.

And we have to believe that a man who just died was also a racist who committed a hate crime and took it to his grave.

We can't prove the deer incident is a lie -- but it seems odd that, if Shelton had a TRUE STORY of a deer head, he would have thought he had to add LIES about his nickname and the reason for Allen's attendance at college.

But d*mnit, this is exactly what MC is talking about. I am SICK AND TIRED OF having to use my time and effort debunking this crap, just because Webb supporters refuse to use their brains and think for one second about what they are saying.

And I'm not enamored with the "Nazi cartoon" stuff either.


This is hardly a revelation that supporters and even campaigns dig up irrelevant dirt. Clinton had to put up with all of this garbage for years. I'm not a huge Clinton supporter but you got to respect that even with his womanizing known and condoned, he managed to get elected president twice.

Allen's history and reputation (whether accurate or not) was going to catch up with him at some point, and just from a campaign point of view, they should have been more prepared for this blogger-crap.

Just like Clinton's Lewinsky troubles, this is Allen's own fault.

Now, did anyone else see the Goldwatter doc?


Are you ready to join my boycott of NLS? He obviously is a hatemonger of the worse sort - almost the Julius Streicher of northern VA.

Military Man

MC, you admit to using "the N word" yesterday. I don't get that. Who uses that word anymore, other than neanderthals and hip-hop thugs? Perhaps this is why you don't see why Allen's frequent usage of the term is disturbing to so many people and is likely going to cost him the election.

Virginia Centrist


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