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October 20, 2006



Yawn. Webb's answered this crap before. As Bush is so fond of saying, 9/11 changed everything. Suddenly all the petty issues with Clinton seem far less important.

Go back to the drawing board.

Mason Conservative

Wait a minute. Webb explicitly attacked Clinton over and over for his conduct as president. Its not petty. It speaks to Webb's character, or lack thereof, that he would humble himself to have Clinton come speak for him. I mean, he BLASTED Clinton, and if Webb really was a maverick and his own man, he would not bring in the support of a man he clearly did not respect.


What does 9/11 have to do with personal integrity?


That's what I thought.


Oh my gosh, if only Webb could be pure like George Allen, who suddenly realizes that there might be a problem in Iraq, only weeks after giving it his official high-five and okey-dokey. Allen, who is in photos with the Counsel of Conservative Citizens (white supremicists), who is quoted as saying that he had no IDEA that the confederate flag meant bad things to black people, who claims that he had no IDEA he was supposed to report all of his stock options, who ignores the valid legal criticisms of the proposed constitutional amendment and as an attorney should recognize its potential for harm, but who fervently supports it because he is SO about values. What a panderer.

So Webb turned to the leadership of the party for funding. It's the real world, folks. He can either refuse to talk to people in the party (oh, by the way, has Allen sent Foley his money back, yet?) or he can accept their assistance. What harm does it do? We don't have a Clinton administration in office right now. We have a Bush administration. And Webb's judgments on Clinton came BEFORE he saw what a mess Bush and company could make of things. They came before an unlawful invasion, the awarding of no-bid contracts and blank checks to war profiteers, secret energy policy meetings in the White House with big oil, outright lies and manipulation of intelligence, looting of the federal treasury to pay for it all after providing billions in unnecessary tax relief for the richest among us, establishment of secret prisons, suspension of all rights of review for alleged enemy combatants, rendition, warrantless surveillance, and deliberate slander of any who would question this government's policies.

How about looking at the Republican controlled Congress? Let's see, we have DeLay, Ney, Abramoff, Foley, and all the cast of characters who are currently under investigation, especially from the House Appropriations Committee.

Tell me, has George Allen expressed any outrage or asked any questions of this corruption? What exactly has George said? (crickets). Uh huh.

Webb didn't know it at the time, but any corruption in the Clinton administration at the time would be eclipsed by and look like amateur hour (purloined china versus billions in overseas contracts) when compared to the Bush administration.


Catzmaw: You need to get up to date on the 'overseas' contracts. The fact is you are hung up on Haliburton like a spoiled child that didn't get the bicycle they wanted. Fact are that 'the hated contractor' won over 90% of their contracts in 'open' (if you know what that means) bids and are rated as the best currrent defense contractor, which means they do the job they get paid for. Do a little research, quit lying for political purposes (a lie is still a lie and not good for your rep) and get back to us when you have the facts.

The facts in this post has proven why Webb can't be trusted. The only resort the dim's have is, Allen didn't do his job. Either give facts to prove anything Allen has did wrong or crawl back under your rock.

You could change my vote if you can find anything political or otherwise that you can tell the truth about. If you're in business please let me know what it is so I can stay away from it. Guess i'll still be voting for Allen because there's no truth, only violence and lies in the dim party.

How many leading democrats were involved with 'planning' a coup with the retired generals last month? Guess the plan got dropped when they figured out the retired generals were at best 'losers' and no one in the military would follow them.


When we join together with our enemies to solve common problems, we destroy our enemies.

Lincoln invited his fierstest rivals & critics onto his cabinet, and he once said to a woman who thought the southern enemies should be destoyed: "Madame, do not I destroy my enemies by making them my friends?"

I would propose that some of that philosophy is at work in Virginia this year.

Webb is reported to have vowed not to shake John Kerry's hand for a period of 20 years following Vietnam. (It is not clear if they met during those years.) Then this past spring they appeared together on stage days before the primary election. On the surface it appeared like a great turn-around for Webb, however, what is not well known is that several Webb staffers reported that Webb and Kerry met privately several times, once for something like 5 hours. No one else was party to what was said, but it was clear that they were going over a lot of territory. I would presume a lot of soul searching and burying-of-hatchets occurred.

Webb publically blasted the Clinton Presidency and yet now Clinton and Webb have appeared together in public. I can not imagine this was easy for the former critic nor for the former target of critique.

I cannot help but wonder what sort of things were covered in their private meetings before the recent appearances. I have no doubt that many in the Webb and Allen campaigns would have enjoyed being a fly-on-the-wall during such heavy meetings. Perhaps the bad blood was purged and made clean between these two men, or perhaps it was the common "enemy" that made them "strange bed-fellows." I know a bit about Webb and his history, and I have no doubt it was the former. The bad blood was made clean.

In the end, I am reminded that true forgiveness is devine, and that we destroy our enemies when we make them our friends.

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