February 24, 2007


Laurel Muller

Simply put, Patricia Phillips is right on the important issues facing Northern Virginia and John Andrews either waffles or is flat wrong. Patricia would re-write the transportation bill to, among other things, get rid of the new regional taxation it inflicts on Northern Virginians. Andrews’ literature says he “supports the transportation bill”. Patricia has pledged not to raise taxes, saying that the rising Virginia economy, and the increased taxes it brings, are sufficient to fully fund the core state responsibilities (roads, education, and public safety); Andrews has said “I don’t want to take (raising taxes) off the table.”

Andrews’s latest mailing “What you must know before voting” distorts both his record and what Patricia has said about it. He says Patricia lied when she said “Ten years ago, Mr. Andrews was writing checks to then Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Don Beyer – who was running against Republican candidate Jim Gilmore.” Fact: Andrews wrote Democrat Don Beyer two checks, one for $125.00 on 7/15/1997 and one for $2000.00 on 10/6/1997
Check the facts out for yourself at: http://www.vpap.org/donors/results_level2.cfm?key=INP000244720&Year=1997&CandFilter=A

Patricia NEVER said John had a weak record of supporting Republicans. Those are his words he tries to ascribe to Patricia so he could then call her a liar. Bad form, John!

Andrews says Patricia slandered him when she pointed out “Mr. Andrews is praised by Equality Loudoun for his efforts on the Loudoun County School Board. Equality Loudoun is a non-partisan lobbying, education and support network for gay lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight-allied communities.” Fact: As Chairman of the School Board, John crafting a school policy on school activities that ignored community standards, limited parental control and was praised by Equality Loudoun. Check the facts out for yourself at:

You may not always agree with Patricia, but she will not try to deceive you simply to win an election. She stands for Principled Republican Values and always has.

Laurel Muller


Fact: The "praise" that Mrs. Phillips falsely attributes to Equality Loudoun is actually a Loudoun Times-Mirror editorial archived under "Editorials and Letters to the Editor" on our site in a history of the play policy controversy.

Equality Loudoun opposed the policy, and warned the School Board that it could result in a costly lawsuit. It's all documented here: http://www.equalityloudoun.org/?page_id=247

I'm sorry to tell you this, but Patricia Phillips lied.

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