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May 24, 2007



Any thoughts on how Edwards now wants to make Memorial day a time to protest the Iraq war?

BlackFive spanks him hard on this.


Funny how easily we believe people who say things we want to believe. Before this week, would you take Bob Shrum, the ultimate grubby consultant, at his word? After going 0-8 as a consultant he's probably finally realized he's not going to get hired this cycle- so he's gottta make some money somehow. You want to believe John Edwards is insincere because it alleviates you from really facing the real issues he has brought to the forefront. It's so much easier that way isn't it?

From TNR:
"And it's true that Shrum's constant swipes at Edwards feel like axe-grinding. Why the bitterness? The source close to Edwards cautions that Shrum had sought a bigger role in Edwards's campaign than the candidate was willing to grant. (Shrum himself hints at this in the book, saying Elizabeth Edwards had feared he would be "too visible and dominant a force in the campaign.") Thus, Shrum may have signed up with Kerry only after feeling maligned by the "future president" he'd discovered in North Carolina back in 1998."


Just a few sources on Shrum.

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