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May 27, 2007


Not Larry Sabato

Three things:

1) You claim abortion was not the major issue for Phillips, but transportation was. Why then was her campaign video featuring her statements on "values". Did you ever attend one of her events? Can you show us anything to back up that her campaign was about transportation?

2) You said Tim's comment on Chichester was a "misconception". So you are disagreeing with Chichesters assesment- all Tim did was report what that assesment was.

3) I was down in the 28th on caucus day. Some people supported Stuart b/c of Howell, some b/c of Chichester. But for you to say Howell delivered it- how do you know that? The numbers don't suggest that- Stuart was weakest where Howell was the strongest. His better counties were where no one had ever heard of Howell. I do think Howell's endorsement helped- but I didn't see any evidence that it was the determining factor. Again, back that up, because you are saying Tim is biased for not crediting Howell- but you don't back up why that is the case.


classic NLS

Politics 101

instead of responding to the bias turn around and attack the poster

quit shilling for Tim Craig


Hey, I'm just glad Ben is back.

All I'm saying is that don't you think its SLIGHTLY newsworthy that Speaker Howell was backing Stuart? And why would he not mention that? Because the paradigm he was setting up was that these GOP primaries are splitting us up. Look, I fully understand that Stuart was Chichester's guy, but a big reason he won-in my mind-was Speaker Howell's support. Craig is creating a narrative, and Howell endorseing Stuart upsets that.

No I have not gone to one of her events. Some of us have to work all day. But the first issue on her website is road, and he campaign signs has drawing of a road on it. So yeah, I'm pretty sure roads are the most important thing. And you know what Ben, if your buddy Tim Craig wants to make a point about Phillips being a social conservative, why doesn't he quote HER or talk about something SHE did? Its cheap shot reporting to hold her responsible for something Dick Black did, and its als LAZY. Thats just me.

But hey, at least I read properly this time, eh?

Not Larry Sabato


Not Larry Sabato

OK, I'm back. So if Howell was so good at delivering conservative support for Stuart, why did his endorsement have zero impact on you pre-primary?

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