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July 31, 2007



George Templeton

Not very happy about that. Romney isn't a consistent conservative and he is not the right man to win the presidency.


The thing I do like a lot about Romney is his business background. We need someone who runs the counry like a corperation. That business background is important. But as a "conservative" I haven't bought Romney yet.

James Atticus Bowden

Romney is a political chameleon and opportunist.

Run corporations as corporations. Run government as government - better and smaller government.

Fred needs to fix putting too much power and confidence in Spencer Abraham.

200 Grande

I agree with Mr. TEMPLETON: a government should be run like a business. I think this is most applicable with respect to efficiency.

I become concerned when governments are run like businesses with respect to making money. When a business is not making money, it must reevaluate its sales strategy. When government is not making money, it rarely reevaluates; it just takes more by raising taxes.


Govt and business have two vastly different purposes. They cannot operate as the other does and survive.

1. Business must profit or fall. If a business falls, it is because other businesses have a competative advantage and satisfy customers better. Government cannot fall to make room for a new government. That is what elections are for.

2. In business, customers choose winners and losers by freely trading their own goods and services. In government, voters trade their votes (which cost them nothing) to gain promises of govt largess. In business every customer is a willing participant. Your government is yours without regard to who you voted for or what your ideal government would look like. Don't like socialism? TOUGH! Fork over the cash middle-class dude.

3. Al Gore, as vice president, established the whole "re-inventing government" campaign promissing to run government like a business. Other than glossy pamphlets printed at three times the government contract rate, his office accomplished nothing. Been there, done that, got the over-priced t-shirt.

4. The primary role of government is the distribution of other people's wealth (Social security, Medicare, pensions, student grants, Farm subsidies, FEMA grants, AFDC, etc). Do you really want them to be more efficient at that? In my area, there are already govt sponsored radio ads to get people to sign up for WIC because evidently, government has surplus capacity in that area and is trying to "optimize" their payouts.

5. Government can use the force of law to eliminate competition.

6. THe DoD is wasting /has wasted huge amounts of money trying to copy industry management fads to be more efficient. I have seen TQM, ISO, Architectures, and nor Lean 6 Sigma intrude into military/government affairs. They always start and end with paying consultants huge fees for materials, training and "experts". They all make big promisses about efficiencies in the future and never pay off.

The solution is to keep government small and powerless. Efficiency comes naturally from not having enough to get by. As long as government is free to expand unrestricted, Running it like a business is meaningless.

200 Grande

ROCI: Great points! I was not thinking on the matter of efficieny; I think your perspective is far more accurate.

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