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July 17, 2007


Robert Crush

I've got some suggestions about what Republican's could do to help themselves come 2008.

1. We will not lie anymore.
2. We will have an open government.
3. The vice president is part of the executive branch and is required to follow existing rules.
4. We will extract our soldiers from an Iraq that is suffering during a civil war that we started. We will apologize to the people of Iraq for killing innocent people and destroying their cities and towns. We will apologize for allowing instability into what was once a very stable country.
5. We will investigate thoroughly any misconduct from the previous administration with appropriate punishments.
6. We will NOT mix religion with politics. It will be illegal for any candidate or party to be endorsed by a religious organization. If found in violation that organization will lose their tax exempt status.
7. We will NOT engage in swiftboating any candidate... even Hillary Clinton.
8. We will operate in an honorable fashion and not put forth candidates that arent.
9. We will not start wars based on personal vendettas, oil, lies, no-bid contracts, false accusations of terrorism, WMDs and nation building.
10. We are very very very sorry for what Bush did to this country.
11. We will try to capture Osama this time around even if it means restarting the CIA's Osama task force and creating a special ops team to bring him to justice.
12. We will not put our soldiers in jeopardy without a solid plan to accomplish a goal and when to bring them home if the goal is not accomplished.
13. We will stop calling people traitors that disagree with us.
14. We will stop tax loopholes for corporations that send jobs overseas.
15. We will provide insurance for all children and then work on a plan for all adults.
16. We will discontinue tax breaks for those that dont need them and provide services for those that do.
17. Education will be our number one priority since it provides the largest return on investment.
18. We will work on ways to reduce prison populations including teaching inmates how to read and to give them a trade skill.
19. We will not force personal views about abortion on anyone and understand that it is a difficult choice to make under any circumstances.
20. Sex education is a right of all young americans.
21. We will decriminalize marijuana. We will tax it like cigarettes and enjoy the revenue that it brings to government.
22. We will not build a big wall around mexico and instead will enforce existing laws against employers that hire them.
23. We will secure our borders against true enemies.
24. We will act like a decent human being.
25. We will act more like Jesus than God when it comes to treating our fellow human being.
26. We will re-examine the Patriot Act and remove provisions that allow our internal departments to spy on americans, hold them without charges and to torture people.
27. Torture is a serious crime and those conducting it, ordering it, and covering it up will be punished.
28. We will prosecute news organizations that lie and deceive people. This is not part of their FCC mandate. There licenses will be suspended and people punished appropriately.
29. People or agencies that destroy documents important to the governance of our nation should be punished.
30. Outing ANY CIA agent should be punished.

How's that for a start.


Pretty weak actually. You should put away the MoveOn.org talking points and try thinking for yrouself for a change.


Thank you Lt. Governor Bolling for taking time to reach out to the blogosphere. The growth of blogs and politicians interest in them never ceases to amaze me.

What are the top 3 or 4 ideas you have heard during your Idearaisers? I’ve noticed that you have several ideas regarding the streamlining of government and the way it communicates with the people. I think this should be a top priority because State government no longer seems to be working for the people but for itself.

Virginia Patriot

Thank you for taking my questions Lt. Governor Bolling.
Your 100 Ideas initiative seems to be a success from the articles I’ve read. What have been your favorite moments so far and what are the plans for the future?

200 Grande


I thought ROBERT CRUSH's comments were strong and on-point; especially those concerning 2009 and the Virginia state government.

Oh wait,...NO,...it wasn't and there weren't any. What the ..?

Sorry, I think I caught a whiff of second-hand smoke coming from ROBERT CRUSH's point 21 and I just wasn't thinking straight.


GOP Jeff and Virginia Patriot, I'm moving your comments to the other thread

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