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July 29, 2007



I am not necessarily opposed to the "Fair Tax" (assuming that it basically menas a national sales tax). However, I would want a Constitutional Amendment in place to forbid the government from imposing any other form of taxation, such as taxes on income, estates, capital gains, interest, dividends, etc.


Glad to hear that. I am just a little concerned with what else Fred supports.

200 Grande

ISOPHORONE: I share your sentiment but I think you are advocating a repeal of the 16th Amendment which bypassed Art 1, Sec. 9 of the U.S. Constitution (No Capitation, or other direct, Tax...) which prohibited the federal government from imposing direct taxation.

The 16th Amendment was enacted in 1913 and was promoted on the understanding that only the rich would be liable for any subsequent taxes levied on income.

Nearly one-hundred years later I'm pleased to announce that the sheer majority of Americans are rich since we are paying the federal income tax. Note that this also includes numbskulls believing they are not paying the federal income tax because they "got money back" on account of their inability to understand withholding.

200 Grande

I am thrilled that Fred would support the fair tax if it passed both the House and Senate. The actual difficulty lies in passing the fair tax through the House and Senate.

Can we take this as meaning Fred will also go to bat in an effort to convince the House and Senate to pass the fair tax as part of his legislative initiatives?

It looks like Fred conditionally supports an overhaul of the tax system IF everyone else supports it. I guess this is what passes for leadership amongst Republicans desperate for an alternative to the other candidates.


The Fair Tax would kill the internet. It would make it where every internet site would have to collect sales tax. Right now you can purchase all day long on the internet at very cheap prices. You can do this because the internet allows small businesses to compete will big box retailers. The small businesses would never have a chance to start a business without the internet. I own a business online and if the fair tax is passed Im shutting my site down.

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