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July 23, 2007



Chris, you are totally wrong about Bill Frist. Check the record of what got passed when he was majority leader. I think Mitch McConnell said it best when he said more legislation got passed in the four years that Frist was leader than in almost any other period he could remember. Mitch is excellent in what he does, but I really think you have to look at 1. it is a lot easier being minority leader, because you can have a powerful voice without being responsible for success or failure 2. McConnell had much more experience than Senator Frist, but remember he was the number two man in the Senate, and knew he was going to succeed Frist, who had term limited himself. Wouldn't it have made sense, if Mitch thought Frist was doing a bad job, for Mitch to step in and help. He didn't really do that because he knew what a good job Frist was doing. I predict that as the years go by and the public sees what the majority leader position is all about, and looks at what Frist accomplished he will look better and better. He also will make a terrific governor of Tennessee.

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