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July 13, 2007


Jen Wilson

Some delegate asked the governor to call the legislature back to Richmond to fix this. It's about time. See the Wash Times: http://washingtontimes.com/article/20070714/METRO/107140038/1004.


i cannot believe a gov in the great state of VA would ever sponser a bill so stupid and so downright anti driver as to make any SENCE


i am a democrat who is utterly disappointed by Tim Kaine's support for the civil remedial fees. i now feel it was a mistake that i voted for him. And i'm equally just as disappointed by my district delegate, Sickles (D-43rd district) who voted in favor of this too. They say the bill affects only the poor and dangerous drivers, but i know that is not true because the speed limits throughout most of va. are artificially low. Take the interstate highways where they have 55 mph limit (lowest in nation), and the flow of vehicles generally moves around 70 to 75 mph — which is considered reckless by police terminology. So just to keep up with the flow you end up paying $3000? And if you move slower than the flow, you impede traffic and thats what puts you in an even more dangerous situation, especially since almost everyone is going 15 mph over the 55 mph limit. Speed surveys by VDOT, have consistently confirmed that, but they never seem to increase limit to realistic level. I have been victimized by this. My last ticket on I-495 cost me $800, because i had to hire an attorney, and the cop charged me reckless for going 75. Not only should this new bill be repealed but realistic limits need to be posted too.

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