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July 20, 2007



Hmmm....I smell victory for Ken this election. Anyone who would vote to raise taxes does not deserve a chance to represent the 37th district. These fees were slid into the transportation package last minute by Governor Kaine, so I am left to ponder why people are not attacking him for this measure of stupidity.

The debates are going to be tough for Oleszek...


Incumbents get many advantages and a few disadvantages. Unfortunately for Cuccinelli one of those disadvantages is that they have to defend their record.

200 Grande

An incumbent’s voting record is not necessarily a disadvantage when running for reelection.

In principle, I agree with BRIMUR’s presumption, however, I would further add that the disadvantage depends on a having competent opponent. A competent opponent carefully chooses the most critical lynchpin issues and uses them with finesse against their opponent.

Senator Cuccinelli’s opponent is anything but competent. Senator Cuccinelli’s opponent has never come out against the transportation bill because she knows that most Northern Virginian’s support it; instead, she amateurishly centers the issue on a part of the bill, abusive driver fines, hoping to exploit public backlash in her favor. Her strategy is based on voters not being able to understand the pragmatic concerns of getting the bill past, (i.e., the critical need to address transportation and the eminent domain protection that Senator Cuccinelli conditioned his support on). Her choice and use of this issue throws Senator Cuccinelli a softball that he can easily answer to, and use as a vehicle in listing his accomplishments in the prior legislative session. At the same time, this all begs the question: could Senator Cuccinelli’s opponent have done the same or better? The answer is most likely not.

Choosing an issue that your opponent can easily defend against and turn back on you is the hallmark of incompetence and an utter lack of finesse. By explaining his reasoning and priorities with regard to the transportation bill, Senator Cuccinelli manages to turn this into a disadvantage for his opponent.

Democrats should be ashamed they could not pick a nominee that could make better traction in a climate that is particularly hostile to Republicans, especially Republicans like Senator Cuccinelli.


200 grande: Simple premise in politics- if you're explaining, you're losing. You said it yourself- Cuccinelli has a lot to answer to.

200 Grande

BRIMUR: Oh, Okay, I get it: explaining = losing, always. This is so simple and yet so persuasive that no further explanation is required. Oh, wait, that's the point. Excellent.


Yep. It's a pretty basic messaging rule. That's why it's best to avoid apologies, that's why it's smart to roll out good news, and to create stories around your opponent's bad news (think petition drives, demands for apologies, resignations, hearings, explanation, etc.). It's a pre-requisite to controlling the debate. Something good for you to understand.

If election were held today- Cuccinelli loses.

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