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July 20, 2007


GOP Jeff

Thank you Lt. Governor Bolling for taking time to reach out to the blogosphere. The growth of blogs and politicians interest in them never ceases to amaze me.

What are the top 3 or 4 ideas you have heard during your Idearaisers? I’ve noticed that you have several ideas regarding the streamlining of government and the way it communicates with the people. I think this should be a top priority because State government no longer seems to be working for the people but for itself.

Virginia Pilot

Thank you for taking my questions Lt. Governor Bolling.
Your 100 Ideas initiative seems to be a success from the articles I’ve read. What have been your favorite moments so far and what are the plans for the future?


Lt. Governor Bolling,

Thank you for your time. A burning issue in Northern Virginia has been the "abuser-fees." What are your thoughts on controversy, should a special session be called like what Sen. Devolites-Davis has advocated, or should we wait until the next session?

Can't We All Just Get Along

I've heard Bob McDonnell openly state that he is running for Governor in 2009 and have even seen "McDonnell 2009" bumper stickers in Richmond. Are you going to challenge him for the nomination and, if so, when will you announce your candidacy?


Your recent Op/Ed on immigration was outstanding. I really appreciate your leadership on the issue. What is your opinion of Prince William and Loudoun taking illegal immigration into their own hands? Should other localities do this?


Lt. Governor Bolling, thank you for taking the time to live-blog with us once again.

What does the Republican Party need to do in order to maintain its majorities in the General Assembly? Are there any seats in the Senate you think the Republicans can pick up, or is it all about maintenance this year?

Kelly Allen

I saw that you had a significant fundraising advantage over the other 2009 gubernatorial contenders during this past reporting period. How did you raise all that money?

Tommy 2 Tone

One of the more "controversial" Republican candidates is Faisal Gill. He has been savaged on the blogs and attacked elsewhere, yet you and others like Sen. Cuccinelli back him strongly. I think the attacks on Gill have been unfair, but what is it about Gill that you see that makes him such a strong candidate in your mind?

Brian Kirwin

Lt. Gov Bolling,

Are political consultants really so bad?


Governor Kaine has already given some pretty big donations to Democratic GA candidates, when are you going to begin throwing some money to Republican candidates?

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