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September 26, 2007



Awesome recap! There's the "prelude" of just how bad she would probably be here:


just a mom

Janet was exactly the same when she ran for school board. It was painful to watch her in debates. She couldn't articulate anything. She has continued that for the last 4 years on the board. She says nothing, poorly. She is the dumbest school board member I have seen in 16 years, and that's saying something. Even democrats on the board can barely tolerate her. They've made that obvious.

BTW, the school board as 10 democrats and 2 republicans. One of those two is a RINO. Our school board has one rep for each district and three at large, for a total of 12. Under Janet's fine leadership there has been NO increase in students from 2004 to 2008, yet the budget increased from $1.4 BILLION to $2.2 BILLION. No increase in students, no real increases in SAT scores, no decreases in class size, and more schools failing No Child Left Behind than ever. Yet an increase in funding of nearly $700 million. Thanks Janet! We could ask Janet why that huge increase, what we have gotten for all that money, but I'm quite sure she couldn't tell us.

Not a Mom


Can you point us to links for your budget numbers?



Your article would have more credibility if you would run a spell check!


It can all be found at FCPS.edu Search for budget, fy 2004 then fy 2008. Enrollment numbers are there too. It's all true. Big budget increases with nothing to show for it.


Here is my recap of the debate from my perspective...


I think I spellchecked it...

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