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October 27, 2007



The perception that Morrogh put out there that there may be an investigation is not good. He looks like he is only a politician now. Not what we need. For him to even get in that press conference is appalling.

Morrogh at that press conference was appalling. It showed he isn't a politician and doesn't realize when he is being used.
What is more appalling is Chap's request that he be there. Chap's thought apppears win at any cost and use whomever is out there.
The VA Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs has decided to stand by their endorsement of JMDD. Sounds like they have more commonsense than Morrogh.


How is a person like Morrogh, who allows himself to be used like that, even capable of being the CA? I don't want a man like him "looking out for me". Get him out if you want a safe Fairfax.

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