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October 27, 2007



But remember, Chris -- nobody LOOKS AT Chap's mailers, and nobody READS his blog, so the fact that he put the kids pictures and names in HIS mailers, and his home address in HIS blog, and his phone number IN THE PHONE BOOK doesn't matter.

Davis is a powerful woman, and people take NOT of her mailers, and read them thoroughly, even the parts that are obviously meant to be ignored like the details on an image of a disclosure form.

But people SHOULD be upset. Since this mailer, Chap's wife had to field a phone call from an irate voter who wanted to know about Chap and Enron. And they had to put up with a message on their machine that asked Chap to call back.

And don't forget at least 5 phone calls that nobody answered, but who didn't leave messages. No candidate should ever have to endure people calling their phone and not leaving messages.

Disillushioned Independent

It is interesting that NLS and also Blueweeds refuses to discuss the comparison to the Plowman issue. At least blueweeds is talking about the hypocrisy of investigating JMDD and ignoring the Cornejo family.

I guess it's great to hack up someone for using the office for political issues when the target is republican, but it's business as usual when the target is a democrat who (in his own mind) deserves the job simply for having been around long enough to perpetuate the failed administration of the great Bob Horan.


"King of the Morons"

Nice. When you start taking pot-shots like that, you know you're doing well. I congratulate you on your new-found status.

Morrogh has stated more than once that he is not a politican. He certainly proved that when he allowed himself and his office to be drawn into this Chap/Ben press conference. The concern one should have is since he will have to stand for re-election, who will be the next politican who will use him.
I frankly am not impressed with McDade's legal experience. Now, I have concerns about Morrogh's street smarts. I guess I flip a coin.


With this kind of corruption, "Blueweeds" will be tempted to change to "Redweeds." LOL


I used to vote for Davis, but lately, and with the obvious damage she has done, it's just too much. Today, we received a doorhanger telling us to vote. I saw the guy who delivered it and asked him.

HE asked me if I was illegal. She is shameful.


Chris, why would the Ray Morrogh want to address the Cornejo case, really? Not what I'd call a high point from the Ffx CA office! It's been rather a thorn to them.

To Anon., I am not concerned about Patrick McDade's relative youth. He's a damned good lawyer and he's definitely got the experience and the credentials necessary to run for this position. Ask anyone who knows him or has seen him in action. He's extremely talented and unflappable in an adversarial setting, which is what we need. I really feel McDade totally destroyed Morrogh in that debate a month or so ago, too. To me, that was telling.

I've been a lawyer for 17 years and most of my friends are lawyers (and not one of us are criminal defense lawyers, btw)-- Dems, Reps, Indeps, we're backing McDade. If I had both of these guys come in for a job interview, McDade would get the job hands down. No question. That's why I'm voting for him. He's the better candidate.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Chris, you're not King of the Morons in my book. But I do think you've gotten so caught up in the partisan excitement you've temporarily lost your moral compass which disappoints me.

And you JR, obviously, don't have time to follow things that closely right now or you of all people wouldn't be applauding this. I KNOW your moral compass is better than that.


Sad, but true: My husband (who was, for the record, NOT the person who is said to have knocked on Janice's door, as his manners are impeccable!) was out door knocking for JMDD this weekend. Most people were friendly, even the people who were Chap supporters. He got one woman who obviously was not a fan of JMDD, so he politely thanked her for her time, and turned to leave. The lady decided to continue to rant about JMDD a little and in what I would describe as rather colorful language. He thanked her again, smiled, and left. (Note: I do not doorknock, owing to my argumentative nature. Even my own mother, who is an elected official, would never want me doing it for her.)

Gee, I guess some people have gotten way too fired up out there, too emotional. This is all distracting from the candidate's real messages. My observation (in my rare moments of spare time I am a coach and a competitive masters athlete) is that politics and just about everything else in life should be like sports are in an ideal world: You do your best, you win or lose fairly, and you don't let your cheering section turn into a jeering section when things aren't going your way.

Enough jeers, let's get to the cheers.

Frankly, I think Chap Peterson is a decent guy. He has many good qualities and even though I will not be voting for him, I will admit that he has them. He has a history of volunteering a lot in the community. I just happen to like JMDD more. She's closer to my viewpoints on a couple key issues. I don't agree with her on every little thing, but I think she's done an excellent job representing the diverse interests of the people in our district. She's responsive to her constituents. You want to talk to her? She's there. She also has a history of volunteering a lot in the community.

I say fight it out on the positive note now, please, in this last week.

And may the best woman win!

I'm as Republican as they get but why don't you redact the innacurate statements like the BlueWeeds Blog did. No investigation into JMDD is being launched. At least correct it like he did. This doesn't help JMDD out at all.

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