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October 26, 2007



Is Ben really working for Chap? I've had a lot of respect for Chap, but if he's actually working WITH Ben I have to question his judgment.

Chris - Mason Conservative

Charles, Ben ran Chap's 2001 delegate campaign and they are very close. I'm not saying Ben's on the payroll, I'm saying he's working out of his office. I always just assume all attacks from Ben on Jeannemarie come straight from Chap himself. Ben wouldn't do anything or post anything without Chap's approval.

Phil Chroniger

Nonetheless, Davis is not handling this very well, in my opinion.


has anyone else been banned from NLS


As to above comments:

1. I agree that JMDD has handled this poorly
2. I belive Virginia Virtucon has been banned at NLS, but I am unclear as to why...


Ben has been gunning for Virtucon since Day 1 when we sank his best buddy Too Conservative by exposing how TC was inflating numbers and comments and writing anon. comments bashing GOP candidates and elected officials.

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