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October 26, 2007


James Bond

Please give me a break he bangs her and TOM like a ping pong ball. He is a calculated attorney, getting mileage which only he can, to his base.

He has all of his mailers with his family.
His info is public record. He is not in danger. Chap knows JM beats him hands down on issues. If this was any other time
he would not have gotten this far. He also
had some not so comments about Tom not running in the senate. Chap is a piker
he is a dirty dealer in and out of court.
Ask other attornies what they think of two tongued Chap. If the police pull their endoresements they show they are ticket takes on HOV. When was the last time the state police who claim to work for safety
ever clear a traffic jam or accident for
us? The Fairfax police should stay out of the fight. They know he is in no danger..
This is politics The cops fell for the hook

Disillushioned Independent

Yeah, Morrogh standing up there saying the CA's office will investigate is pure bunk. Isn't the left really up in arms about Jim Plowman and how as CA he involved his office in an active, contested race with what turned out to be trumped up charges?

Morrogh's even more of a piker than they are making JMDD out to be. He is blatantly using Chap's family to raise his own visibility and get air/press time when it's not even clear that this is his office's responsibility. So... is Chap upset at the use of his family or the release of public info? If the former, he should look at who's around him in the press conference, they're all doing the same thing. If the latter, if you choose to be in office then public records are just that. Man up and take responsibility for your choices and let's get back to talking about the real issues - like conflict of interest.

I guess it's ok when democrats do it, just bad when the other guys do it.

Disillushioned Independent

And BTW - it's nice that the CA's office will look into this so expeditiously and publicly. Wouldn't it be nice if they would show the same courtesy to the Cornejo family and the requests from the Mayor of Falls Church and the chairman of the BoS?

JMDD is no conservative nor is Tom Davis.

I hope Chap kicks her skanky butt.

Disillushioned Independent

12:24 - nice. When confronted with issues and facts, the "your mama wears combat boots" retort shows immediately where your head is at.


I wish Jeannemarie would have blocked out the street number, the phone number, and the kids' names. Having that information didn't add anything to the flyer and made her look petty to many folks(and she is not petty). Now she's got a distraction from what was an otherwise valid point about Chap's professional connections to Bechtel and big, bad Enron.

I really doubt that Chap felt threatened by the publication of the forms he filled out on this flyer. He loves to be photographed with his family and he's proud of them, as he should be. So to me, this is mostly garnering publicity and nonsense. I thought Chap was better than to sink to a public whine-fest, really.

In my opinion, Ray Morrogh makes himself look damned foolish by even associating himself with this brewhaha. He's never answered his own opponent why the felony prosecution rate is so poor in Fairfax. In two words: not cool.

I agree with the comment from the anon. naysayer that Jeannemarie is not a conservative. I do believe she is a moderate. She has done a great job representing a wide range of constituents in an area that would show up purple on a partisan map. I'd love to have her back for another term. To me, her record is what she should be focusing on in her ads. She has so many positives to run on that I think she should actually focus on those positive things in whatever flyers she may have left to send before Election Day.

Support the conservative candidate - Go Chap!

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