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October 04, 2007



No. Impressive does not even come close. I don't have the right adjective. Thanks for posting this.

Brian Mazanec

Chris, thanks for spreading the word. There is no question Pace is without equal in terms of what he would bring to the table in a fight with Warner. We'll have the Draft Pace website up soon and are in the process of reaching out to him via a few channels... so please keep in touch. We'll need to quickly demonstrate that Virginians want him to return for one last battle, this time here at home in the U.S. Senate.


Oh, my... Oh, my, oh, my!

DEFINITELY a true Marine: gracious, well-spoken, and firmly doing what he knows is right!

Yeah, I'd vote for this man. I would indeed.

Chris - thanks for posting this! I'm gonna put it up at CatHouse Chat too.

-- Kat

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