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October 25, 2007


Chris...I doubt very much there have been calls of a threatening nature. This smells more like Ben hype once he noted the address on the flyer.
What I found interesting was when a comment
was made about police being called rather than treating this as a campaign item and then it was mentioned if they had been called, it would be in the Connection's list of police activities,within minutes
there was Ben's update that those who man the jails would be doing a run through Chap's neighborhood. Quick thinking on somebody's part as filing a false police report is a crime.
The review of JMDD mailouts prior to printing has been less than prime. I doubt very much the address was given a second thought. Then why would it? It is public record and even in the phone book.


Hmm. I've presumed that there was actual evidence that Chap received phone calls at his house, that they were attacking phone calls, and that they happened after the mailing.

I realise that's a lot of presumption, and now I realise I can't find any evidence posted about that.

But you can't really ARGUE against that, can you, because then you will be accused of supporting the attackers.

I'm just trying to figure out why someone who is so sick that they would call a family to talk to the kids and say bad things about the parents would wait to do so until they received a mailer where they had to get out their reading glasses to inspect it in detail to find the phone number.

Don't most people just throw these things in the trash? How many sick people are actually reading the words IN the pictures? IF they were taking that much trouble, wouldn't they just use the internet to find the same stuff?

I agree, if I received a call like Ben suggests, I would have called the police right away, so they could slap a trace on the phone, and get the phone records from the phone company to see who called.

Heck, I think as the phone owner Chap could just call the company and ask for the last day's worth of caller ID. Of course, if I were a politician, I'd pay for caller ID on my phone just for this.

He could also have *69'd the call.

Did Chap even COMPLAIN about the phone calls, or did Ben just SAY that people could be calling. Maybe I should go read up some more.


It seems you guys will never learn. Check-mated again, and all you can do is whine about it.


Brimur, Maybe you would like to tell us your standards for revealing personal information. Or maybe you would rather whine?

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