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October 28, 2007



I had the chance to meet Vellie at the Annandale parade, and boy was she fun! She is a genuinely nice lady who was able to actually answer a couple of questions after the parade. That goes a long way in my book.


Vellie is great. She has energy. She has enthusiasm. Also, she immigrated here and she's had a fascinating life so far.

Immigration is a big issue and she's been through the process. She understands the ups and downs of how things work better than most of us.

I met Vellie almost a year ago at the RPV Advance. She was so positive. It's nice to see honest enthusiasm.

Alex. Independent

Vellie may be a very nice person and does have an interesting personal story, but quite frankly she is a policy light-weight who has not offered any specifics. While I may not agree 100% with Mrs. Gross (or Connolly for that matter), I think she has done a good job. I disagree with your assesment that Gross is "ineffectual" as she spearheaded the revitalization efforts for both Annandale and Baileys Crossroads.


Just curious...was she a mail order bride?

200 Grande

Gross and Connolly have clearly NOT DONE a good job when Mason District has seen a sharp increase in gang activity and violent crime.

I am sure the victims of these crimes appreciate Gross and Connelly's expertise.

Additionally, I am sure they appreciate the Commonwealth Attorney's Office; Horan and Morrough's incompetence have allowed a 72% rate of violent crimes to plead down to misdemeanors or dismissals.

With policy expertise like this, CHANGE is needed:

VOTE Gary Baise for Chairman
VOTE Vellie Hall for Mason District Supervisor
VOTE Patrick McDade for Commonwealth Attorney

200 Grande

For DAVE, go to:


to find out how Vellie came to this country. It is great and inspiring story of a woman triumphing over adversity and making a difference in the community.

Chris - Mason Conservative

Dave, your a typical classy liberal. Vellie overcame not knowing the language and an abusive husband to become a self-made women who built an business out of her garage. Comments like that show what trash liberals are. I'm not going to delete it cause I want everyone to see what Connlly/Gross supporters think of Vellie.

Alex. Independent

I have serious questions regarding the accuracy of the statistics quoted in Vellie's campaign literature. Beware of ANY politician throwing around "shocking" numbers. Also Ms. Hall wants to increase salaries for first responders and the county budgets for zoning enforcement, etc..while providing big tax breaks? These things don't pay for themselves. Again, she has provided no specifics, just soundbites.

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