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October 29, 2007



You know, at some point, it takes some special skill to be a politician. I don't know why some people think you can just take anybody off the street and make them into a successful politician. But the democrats try to do this a lot.

Paul Nichols just seems like a good person who has no ability, or even interest, in being a delegate. He let the DPVA run lies about his opponent, he never really said anything he would do that I can tell.

Gill's been pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, working very hard. But remember, Gill isn't some neophyte.

Gill has been around politics for years. Gill was in the military. He was a lobbyist. He worked on high-profile campaigns. He was in a public office in the Department of Homeland Security. He is a lawyer, and also a JAG lawyer.

Some people couldn't look past his religion. Others couldn't look past their friendship with Lucas. Still others were just mad about lawsuits.

Greg may be getting heat because as the President of HSM, he should be talking up the better candidates for illegal immigration -- but he personally backed Nichols, who frankly has no real plan other than "keep doing what we are doing". Meanwhile, even the Potomac News, who doesn't LIKE the push against illegals, notes that Gill has plans.

I sure hope Gill wins, because the people of the 51st will be well-served by him.

Chris - Mason Conservative

I think people have forgetten as well that this IS a Republican seat so Gill had a built in advantage in terms of the raw numbers. I pray he pulls this out, I think he'll be pretty good.

James Young

Chris, the notion that it is a Republican seat is a little much. Actually, it was a seat long held by Democrat David Brickley, until Jim Gilmore gave him a full-time job in Richmond and opened it up for Michele McQuigg. From what I know of the demographics and the election results, many thought it could have been taken away from Brickley, but the power of the incumbency was always too strong. I think it is a traditional, closely-divided swing seat that could go either way. And I say that as a strong supporter of Gill, both before and after the nomination.

Chris - Mason Conservative

But what I'm saying is that McQuigg held that seat for a while so the voters in the last three or four elections are use to pulling the "R" lever, and McQuigg endorsed Gill. It is a Republican district, perhaps not huge but I still think it is.

And I'll never understand why Brickley took that job. Wasn't this the seat that finally gave the HoDs to the GOP?

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