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November 08, 2007



And what happened to your endorsement of Gilmore? It's a shame to see that you've completely craw fished on that. You spoke so eloquently about the party being unified, yet, you apparently don't subscribe to your own words. You need to understand that Gilmore WILL defeat Mark Warner. The most recent poll (not that garbage WaPo poll) puts the race NOW at 53-37. 16 point for an unannounced candidate a year out of the election is nothing to overcome.

Quit jumping ship Chris, you're making yourself apart of the problem in this upcoming race.

Chris - Mason Conservative

I like Gilmore, John. But my whole outlooked has changed since Tuesday night. We need fresh candidates with new ideas who can bring in new people to the party.

In many ways, I get the feeling that Jim Gilmore thinks he can win this race like its 1997 again. The Republican leaders of 10 years ago don't seem to understand how much Northern Virignia has changed--and its more than just George Bush and Iraq. I'm tired of the same old hands arguing over every little aspect of party doctrine.

Eric has proven to have new ideas, new solutions, and he has taken on Democrats in the House. This is what we need in a US Senate candidate. Someone who can unify the party, not someone who represents part of it. What happened at the state central meeting was ugly business.

As it it, I will passionatly support Jim Gilmore if he is the nominee. But I've come to a near boiling point with our party. Cantor brings ideas, charisma, and excitement that others cannot.


Chris, you need to understand that Tuesday should serve as a lesson for Republicans across the state. For instance, look at the Davis-Peterson race. Who ran as the conservative in that race? Who won? Republican ideas still carry Virginia! Democrats cannot defeat Republicans in the sphere of ideas! You also need to understand that immigration is going to be the top issue here in this race. There is no candidate in this country who is more knowledged in Homeland Security than Governor Gilmore. Gilmore is going to win this race, Chris.

Chris - Mason Conservative

John, I believe you. But I think Gilmore brings negatives that will waste time to overcome. Like I said, if Gilmore is the man, I will eat pavement for him to win. I'm worried that, like Hillary, Gilmore's negatives are high enough that Warner can coast on his reputation.

Republican ideas do win, and who has been a better spokesman nationally for Republican ideas than Eric Cantor?


The only negatives that Gilmore has are the ones created by Mark Warner. We need to spend this time now while he is unannounced to correct those lies! People in the blogosphere have the ability to reach people in record numbers. Bloggers have clout to write letters to the editors, etc... We as Republicans need to be unified here, especially against Mark Warner. This is something that the people at the NRO don't get. They throw out names like Peter Pace, and Ted Olsen. People who have ZERO inclination to run for the Senate. They do this and they continue to fracture the party. It is no secret that Cantor is a supporter of Gilmore, so throwing out his name simply causes more turmoil that the party does not need.

Gilmore is going to have the backing of the NRSC, major Senators, State leaders and even National Figures. Now is the time unify the grassroots.


Okay, so you were for Davis, then you were for Gilmore (complete with logos), and now you're for Cantor?? I think just a day or two ago you had a bold pronouncement that you had been for Thompson and now you had had a crisis of conscience and were now for Giuliani (complete with logos). Bill Clinton, is that you in there??

For God's sake, man. Pick a candidate and stick with him. Lack of principle is why we're in so much trouble.

Chris - Mason Conservative

Point well taken John. I just think Eric would give us a better chance to win, seems to straddle the moderate and conservative wings of the party, can raise money like Gilmore has not, and can not only unite the grassroots but bring in NEW voters tot he grassroots. THanks just me.


Come on Chris, how can you say that Gilmore does not reach to the middle? He has had the highest popularity rating among African Americans that I have seen from a Republican. He has carried Northern Virginia not once but TWICE running on Republican values. I won't continue to fight you on this because I have made my points known but I will just say one more time: We must be unified here if we want to have any chance.

Chris - Mason Conservative

John, he carried Northern Virginia TEN YEARS AGO!

If you think Northern Virginia is still the same as it was in 1997, I don't know how I can help you. I'm worried Gilmore and his team still think its '97 and the same campaign can work.

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