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June 03, 2008


The Northern Virginia Conservative

Jindal is Superman. Certainly a better choice than Romney, to say nothing of that marshmallow Charlie Crist.

James Atticus Bowden

I prefer J C Watts, but would LOVE Jindal.

J. Tyler Ballance

If Jindal were White, everyone would say that he's too inexperienced and just too much of an unknown quantity to be an asset on the ticket. Eric Cantor has more to offer than Jindal and nobody is whispering for McCain to get that Jewish guy from Virginia on the ticket (yet).

Republicans are supposed to stand for MERIT. We must not stoop to the racist tokenism practiced by the Democrats. If the Democrats could get away with it, they would make it law that businesses would have hiring and promotion quotas based on racial proportions of the country. Democrats are all about patronage and giving favors to their pet minority members. If left unchecked, their policies would leave America looking like a larger version of Haiti. When there was no food or fuel left, they could still cling to their "diversity" quota programs and sing kumbaya.

Bobby Jindal has a great future. Let him show what he can do in the Bayou State, then let's give him a shot in 2016; if he has helped turn that cesspool of corruption in Louisiana around.

Let's not be like the Democrats and pick candidates because we feel sorry for their race. Let's pick proven performers, based on each man's performance as an advocate for LIBERTY.

In the Republican Party, let's be sure that we are open to every segment of society and that everyone understands that individual MERIT shall determine our selection of candidates and leaders; not the flavor of the month.


I agree about MERIT. However, Jindal has a more meritorious resume that Obama. That being said, I do think Jindal wants to have a record of executive accomplishment in Louisiana, and he should have that chance. If Jindal were a second-term Governor, this choice would be easy, or Jindal might be the Republican nominee right now for all I know.

Should Obama win this year, I may find a "Jindal 2012" sticker (or at least a grqaphic for my blog) the day after the election.

Deryl Bryant

Research is a good thing.

May I suggest you try an "in-state" perspective. I would also recommend that you attempt a look a little further into the future; something more equivalent to the horrific past of Louisiana.


On a personal note, I will dedicate myself to Bob Barr's campaign should Governor Jindal decide to be McPain's VP.

Oh, and you might want to know that Senator Joe "Cutsey" McPherson, a long time Dimocrat opponent of Governor Jindal and a long time member of the "Good Old Boy Club", completely responsible for Louisiana being in a perpetual last place position, was handing out similar bumper stickers on the La.Senate floor a couple of weeks ago.

You might want to rethink the company you keep.

George Templeton

I don't see the lack of merit in Bobby Jindal, Mr. Ballance. He's been a governor, a congressman and served in a variety of capacities in Louisiana government. He's far more experienced then Senator Obama and yes if he was white there might be misgivings, but Jindal is a consistent conserevative before and after an election. This would not be tokenism and to suggest such is wrong in my view.

I agree with George Templeton and the others who defend Bobby Jindhal. He may be young, but he has the resume. I don't feel sorry for Bobby Jindhal. I don't give a damn what color he is. I just think he merits the vice presidency.


Look, lets not be ridiculous here. It DOES help us that Jindal is not white. I'm not going to pretend thats not an issue, but I do genuinely feel that in the face of the history Obama is making, we cannot ignore that either.

It just so happens that while Jindal is not white, he is also exceptional and perhaps the most talented Republican holding office in the entire country.

And Tyler, I don't know anyone who feels "sorry" for the Indian "race," as it where. I can't think of a group of immigrants who have succeeded more that Indians in America.

We all can agree that we legitemately feel that conservatism is the natural home for minorities. Yet we don't often enough put up candidates that they can relate too, that "look like them." As much as that might drive conservatives crazy, I really believe that.

We can also be happy that Jindal's talent and list of accomplishments does make him viable to make a happy marriage to what his heritage brings as well. I would put Jindal's first year as governor against any sitting governor right now. He certainly buries our hapless chief executive.

So, as you define Tylere, that you want the VP choice to be based on merit - Bobby Jindal is way ahead of any Republican officeholder right now under consideration.

Crystal Clear Conservative

You know, I might put aside my bottle of anti-McCain venom to support the McCain/Jindal ticket. Bobby Jindal is a good Conservative candidate, who would balance out McCain's not-so conservative record. Jindal is a pro-life, limited government, fiscal hawk conservative, and this is the balance McCain needs to draw conservatives back to supporting him.

However, another man to look for in the McCain Veep watch is South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who is a TRUE conservative leader. Sanford has stood up for keeping government off of people's backs. He is fiscally conservative and a young leader, as well...something McCain needs to win back the conservative vote.

George Templeton

Mark Sanford is the other great choice Crystal Clear Conservative. If McCain wants to win he will pick Sanford or Jindal.

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