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January 11, 2009


Nick Howard

Good, is right. That joker should have retired after his first term. I'm not sure I can see Boehner running for the Senate though. It doesn't seem like he'd want to give up being in the leadership (even though I wish he would). Portman would be a decent choice though. Hopefully Ohio Republicans can begin to restore the brand. Taft was a total disaster.

Crystal Clear Conservative

Good riddance to Voinovich, Bond and Martinez! RINO Leadership is NOT what our country (or our party) needs to get back on track!

D.J. McGuire

Forgive my ignorance, but what did Kit Bond do to earn RINO status besides vote for the bailout?

Not that a pro-bailout vote is insufficient for RINO status . . .


Wow! So, you are thrilled that Voinovich, Bond and Martinez are retiring and you think the presence of guys like that are the cause of the decline of the Republican Party. If you keep up the drive for orthodoxy and continue to attempt to purge all but the most extreme right wing ideologues, you can probably get the number of Republican Senators down to about 33 in 2010. Hell, if you really work at it you might be able to hold the 2012 convention in a phone booth.

You might not have noticed but quite a few of the new Democrats in Congress are moderates and conservatives (by the traditional definition of conservative not the bizarre stuff that is so often misidentified as conservative these days). The moderate folks who are being made to feel completely unwelcome in the Republican Party are not checking out of the political process. Feel free to keep driving them away in droves. We would love to have more of them. We'll take all the voters you care to send our way.

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