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March 18, 2009


Stop the propaganda

Sounds like the same old Republican nonsense. Nobody believes that the Republicans voted no on the stimulus just because they thought it would be for the good of the country to do so. It was politically expedient for them to risk the failure of the country in order to look like they were standing for something besides lobbyists for a change. It's funny, but there was no complaining when Bush came looking for money. Don't forget who gave us this mess. The Republican party is the party of corruption, racism and extremist politics. President Obama is attempting to make a dent in the downward spiral that has become the American Dream. But that is part of the reason why most Republicans were voted out of office in the last election, and what they have to say is irrelevent. Bunch of demagogues. Are you sure that it is Obama's policies that you don't like, and not just the fact that he isn't a white man who came from a wealthy background?

200 Grande

Why do racists like "Stop the propaganda" continue to divide Americans along race, class (and sometimes) gender lines?

It's because they are the ones that want the country to fail so they can grab more power.


Hello. That's very nice site but I've seen this before here:

Stop the propaganda

Only white people like "200 Grande" would say that Republicans are not a racist party. How many delegates are of a non-caucasion origin? I believe the last count was 1, a chinese american. The Hispanic American Business Chamber of Congress was ignored until it was pointed out by the media that the Democrats had many congressmen scheduled to attend, then a token Republican delegation was appointed. The Republican party would like to white wash the nation of all racial issues because they don't want to admit that the reason why they mostly attract whites is because they have no interest in representing anybody else. I remember a statement by an attendee of one of John McCain's get togethers..."Obama is a Muslim and I'm scared of him..." Those are the kind of friendly folks that attend Republican rallies. And that is why the Republican party doesn't matter anymore, no matter what kind of grandstanding Fox news and the republicans in Congress still attempt. You all suck.

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