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March 17, 2009


200 Grande

If facts are facts,...then where is your discussion of the facts, i.e., the charges, the response and supporting evidence?

The die is cast,...regardless of the outcome of whether or not there is an ouster. If McDonnell wins, that takes some of the tension away but there is still the question of who runs the Republican Party of Virginia.

Don't forget it.


the "facts" i'm talking about aren't the ones that are being levied against Jeff. The facts I'm looking at is the fact that every major political leader in this party (save a few) want a change. We just cannot move forward with the situation the way it is.

But I will say this, if Frederick survives then its vital that each of those who went against Jeff to shut up and work together. The street runs both ways.

James Atticus Bowden

Read my latest post. The pols are voting to return the RPV to be an extension of the campaign of the biggest GOP dogs in VA - as it was since Pat McSweeney was chairman.

Your unanswered question - on who after Jeff - and who selected him/her, should lead you to be back where you belong in this fight.

200 Grande

In the Republican Party of Virginia, they came first to dictate whom the State party Chairman would be,
And I didn’t speak up because I wanted to win;

And then they came to dictate whom the Congressional District Committee Chairmen would be,
And I didn’t speak up because I wanted a unified Party;

And then they dictated whom the unit committee chairmen would be,
And I didn’t speak up because, no matter what, I was still looking to win and I still wanted to believe that we have a unified Party;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.


Yeah I know, but I can't get around the fact that the RPV chairman has no confidence from nearly everyone that he needs to work with for our state party machinery to work. It must be an extension of our candidates and right now its not.

Old Fashion Liberal

I could not care less whether the party leaders like Jeff Frederick. Frederick is taking flack because he has served us instead of those party leaders. Before being their servant, Frederick has been the people's servant. If we cannot be relied upon to stand by our friends and people willing to serve us, we do not deserve such service.

What is important is whether Frederick has the support of the party membership. If it is true that we need to clean house for the good of the party, then for the good of the party we should be asking some elected Republicans to resign. Too many of the Republicans we have elected don't bother to read and support the American and Virginia constitutions.

Whatever you want to say about Frederick, he is not a tax and spender -- unlike too many of the "Republicans" who want to see him go. Frederick is serious about the Republican Creed. Unlike too many Virginia Republicans, for example, Frederick did not support that infernal tax bill that Bob Marshall had to take to court so it could be declared what it so obviously was, unconstitutional.

200 Grande

Do we answer to our elected officials or do they answer to us? Insisting that "[our state party machinery] must be an extension of our candidates" suggests the former.

Was Jeff lying then or is he lying now?

Anybody who thinks Frederick is serving anyone but himself is beyond reaching.

200 Grande

Frederick is no more self-serving than the rest of our elected officials, including the members of the RPV State Central Committee.

Loudoun Insider

Frederick is worse. Much worse.

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