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March 17, 2009


Old Fashion Liberal

Before the State Central Committee fires the chairman, who was elected by a state-wide convention, they need to show cause. Saying somebody is "much worse" is not a reason. The mere assertion of incompetence does not cut it as a justifiable cause.

If Frederick is removed for the good of the party, when party members voted for him to serve, then we have a question that begs for answer. Just exactly who is determining what is "for the good of the party"?

Loudoun Insider

That would be the similarly elected at conventions State Central Committee members. They are following the party plan and have presented their charges, which Frederick has not adequately answered. He is gone if 75% of SCC want him gone.

FCRC Anthony Bedell came out today with several other unit chairs, many of them very conservative, telling Frederick it is time to go. I hear the fat lady clearing her throat.

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