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March 14, 2009


James Atticus Bowden

What makes you think that you will have a vote on the new Chairman if Jeff is removed?

You need to find out who the folks looking to hang Jeff want to put in to replace him. They will decide. Get it?

Lee Talley

The Party plan will define the process. In all these actions the party plan is the rule of law and been followed to the T Jim. Our party would be well served by Shaun.


I love Shaun, but we need someone of Ed Gillespie's visibility and connection, i.e. ability to raise money and bring high profile folks to VA. We also need someone who recognizes like the importance of technology and presses forward with items like the RPV network, and the impressive website. I heard that Tom Davis' name is being considered too. So far I'm not sure who will be a perfect fit.


I suspect that anyone chosen by the current SCC will be considered by the Frederick-Marshall Conservatives (for lack of a better term) to be tainted.

If SCC does remove Jeff, its best course would be to name a caretaker Chairman to keep the Convention on track, and then step aside. Mike Thomas, or any other competent person, would be fine for this, as long as it was publicly understood that he is only there temporarily.

If my reading of the Party Plan is correct, we need to have an election to fill the remainder of Jeff's term whenever the next regular Convention comes up anyway. In this way, the timing of Jeff's (potential) removal is fortuitous, as we have a Convention right around the corner.

The time between April 4th and the Convention is pretty short for a Chairman campaign, but it should be enough.

As for who the next Chairman should be, I think the key to party unity is a Chairman with these characteristics:

1) It should be someone who is conservative enough, and well-known enough, that when Frederick-Marshall Conservatives hear his name, they instantly say: "Yeah, I like that guy."

2) It should NOT be someone currently on SSC, but should be someone that SCC knows, likes, and respects. Someone with independent standing outside SCC so he is not just a tool of SCC.

3) Obviously, someone respected by McDonnell and Bolling (and maybe whoever our AG candidate is).

Is Shaun Kenney is that guy? I dunno. Is there anybody out there who fits this profile?

Jamie Radtke

The official Call for the May 2009 Convention doesn't have a call for nomination of RPV Chair. SCC could argue that it can't be done in May because it isn't in the Call. You never know what is being planned and agreed to by all the politicians and the SCC and those SCC members that might be on the fence. You just never know... I am sure deals are being made for who would run for Chairman (or be appointed) in order to get their supermajority in SCC for removal (or to appease the politicians who came out publicly). My point is, it shouldn't be assumed that a new chair would be voted on in May until SCC makes that abundantly clear.

On an aside, all the angry and vitriolic talk being spewed by SOME on the anti-Jeff side (not you Chris) make their arguments less compelling and credible, especially when they start attaching other candidates to the JF ordeal. A fair assessment without all the venom might have been more persuasive to some, but when they talk like they do it just makes it seem like a personal vendetta. I thought VaBlogger had a solid statement about it: http://tooconservative.com/?p=3407

somewhere in henrico

It would be nice to have a party chairman who quietly goes about the business of organizing the units and ensuring that the elected and candidates have the resources they need.

Currently VA RPV does not have that chairman.

TC Robinson

Henrico County Sheriff and Henrico GOP Chair Mike Wade, perhaps?

Or if you want to go the Frederick route and pick a former Delegate or Senator, Sam Nixon would work.

NoVA Scout

Kenney and Frederick are essentially similar types, despite their current feuding. Moreover, the Chair shouldn't go to someone who was actively shaking it to effect the ouster of the prior occupant. I don't care whether Frederick goes or stays, because the RPV has tacked itself out of the relevance race. Everyone who matters has found a workaround. But, if there is to be a change, we really need an adult in there. Someone with a little stature, wisdom, perhaps even successful electoral experience, but no immediate political ambitions.


Jamie Radke: The Convention Call includes "the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the convention."

Since the Party Plan states...

"A vacancy in the office of State Chairman shall be filled by the State Central Committee UNTIL THE NEXT REGULAR STATE CONVENTION, which SHALL then elect a State Chairman to fill the remaining unexpired portion of the term of the vacating State Chairman." (empasis mine)

...my reading is that there MUST be a vote on the Chairman at Convention, and that it is therefore "business that may properly come before the convention."

If whoever is running RPV doesn't put it on the agenda, it would be in order to move it from the floor. If someone tries to move it from the floor and the Convention Chair shuts them down without a vote, then you could have some real ugliness.

Steven Osborne

Shaun Kenney would be great for the job of Chairman. He was the campaign manager for Musgrave as well as the Communications Director for the RPV. He has experience in managing political campaigns. He also will do a good job of projecting a conservative message for the RPV.

The whole "Kenney and Frederick are the same type" arguement shows what the motivation for some is in this fight. Some want our party to project a Tom Davis style message. John McCain tried that for much of last summer, and it didn't work out so well.

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