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June 09, 2009



"Creigh Deeds wants to be your governor! And you can bet first and foremost, Deeds will want to raise your gas tax just as Virginia's wallets are being stretched by current gas prices and the Obama recession."

Either you're drunk or you're just being too partisan for your own good. We have been in a deep recession since late 2007. The last time I checked, Obama just got into office in late January. Also, I give Deeds kudos for having the guts to propose a working transportation plan that is equitable versus Bob McDonnell cowardly taking the easy way out and supporting a plan that was deemed unconstitutional.

I guess that third-rate law degree really is good preparation to be governor, huh?

200 Grande

Okay,...we've now learned that raising taxes on gasoline is "equitable." If you've got anything else...



200 Grande:

A gas tax IS equitable because it affects EVERYONE who uses the roads, not just Virginians. I know the cowardly GOP copout is to say that we don't need to pay for crumbling bridges and highways (NO NEW TAXES!!), but Deeds is being honest. McDonnell likes to grin and smile, pretending to be a moderate, but he's still the same right-wing wacko who supported an UNCONSTITUTIONAL transportation plan because he had no other plans of his own. Great leadership.

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