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August 09, 2009


major pain

I am guessing i should post something nice or affirming or may i go so far and say congratulatory about McDonnel. but you know i wont. ok maybe you didnt. remember Goldwater? the Republican party loved him. but hindsight is an excellent teacher if only the student(s) pay attention. in the 60s prior to Mr Reagan really, the GOP had morphed into the party of money. members were good at making it, some even better at keeping. but the party's principles had been invaded with ...for lack of a more palatable word ...stupidity. this was history. why are we repeating history. if we repeat stupidity in history that would make us stupid too. back then we were only concerned with a balanced budget:
dont cut the budget. (...anger the constituency) you got to balance that budget no matter what. alright then, sorry constituency. this is painful but raising taxes is the only way.

McD seems to me to be a 60s Republican.

criteria for a leader:Fiscal logic AND moral grounding AND spiritual backbone. if we are voting

major pain

Then lets vote for uh oh and oh no heres that word again ...change.

we must change the GOP. not the principles! but as we seem to lack them, can we get back to conservative principles? we know simple works. complicated? unproven. the verdict on complicated is up in the air. stick with what works. the wibwals will secretly thank us.

a state Constitution, the original U.S. Constitution, 10 Commandments. what else do we need? yeah the major pain said that

major pain

it is not enough to point the flaws of a wibwal. we put up a leader we wont have sell it to the conservatives. explain to a wibwal. which reminds me: we have them rinos afoot. they have to have conservatism explained to them. we got a lotta work

if we only care about 'some' of those principles we might as well vote with whatever the wibwals want.

now im done

Not Creightarded

Deeds is returning to the Dems best strategy. Fear mongering. Even though Gerry Connolly had a healthy lead over Keith Fimian, they were happy to send every woman in the district about six post cards about how Fimian is going to take away our right to "choose." Creigh Deeds is slipping as low as Gerry in using the same tactic against McDonnell. After all, Deeds has no actual idea as to what he would actually do as governor. He comes across as a "me, too" kind of guy. The best job for him would be second banana lt. governor. Too bad for him that Bolling's got that one sewn up.


Connolly's pissed me off more because he's Catholic and he knows where his church stands and Fimian was also Catholic. I thought it was a cheap shot beyond a cheap shot.

Not Father Gerry

Fimian failed in not defining himself as a candidate first and in letting Connolly do the defining for him. Never let your opponent have that kind of edge.

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