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October 27, 2009



This morning's new numbers on McDonnell are beautiful. Truly beautiful. And there's this sweet new site out www.discoverdeeds.com.

I feel momentum happening.


If those numbers hold, or are even close, then Cuccinelli must fight for the nomination for Governor in 4 years. I know it will be messy and I deeply appreciate what Bolling did for us this year, but Ken has proven himself to be an excellent campaigner and the standard bearer for the GOP in Virginia. My hope is that Bill understands this and runs against Webb in 2012 or Warner in 2014. The Commonwealth will embrace Cuccinelli next week, and we must embrace him as our next Governor as well. Cuccinelli will end Planned Parenthood forever! Cuccinelli for Governor in 2013!


'bellwether' not 'bellweather'

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