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October 17, 2009


I Don't Believe the Post

The Post endorsement is irrelevent. If their paper gets any thinner, they won't have to leave it in the driveway. It will fit UNDER the front door.

Actually, I cancelled my subscription. Doing my bit to let them slip into obscurity asap.


While they're still better than the NYT as the left-leaning paper of record their Virginia coverage is unabashedly biased. Allen made plenty of his own mistakes, but they were happy to help foster the notion that despite years and years of public service without incident George Allen was an anachronism from the pre-'64 South.


Fred Hiatt is our local village idiot. His solution to every problem is raise taxes. A full 20% of VDOT's maintenance budget goes to repair damage caused by overweight trucks. The Post won't even report on this fact. End the taxpayer subsidies to the trucking industry.


I have to confess that I am Washington Post subscriber....I canceled after the election but then they offered me a six-month subscription for $1.00 a week. I could not say no (the Sunday coupons are worth it) but I plan on canceling again once that runs out.

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