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November 18, 2009


Not Carl Schurz

Good points, but man you need to proof read this before posting.


So is anyone going to the FCRC meeting on November 19 to ask the 37th District candidates about these issues?

Alan M

Shameless promotion but I just published an interview with Steve Hunt. He does seem genuine and he put a lot of time and effort into answering my questions. If he gets the nomination then I bet he takes the whole thing.


Rick S

I really like Steve Hunt but like Will Nance just a little bit more. I think the business experience puts him over the top in my book. Looking forward to hearing all three candidates tonight.


Rick-Last night Nance boasted that his company had a BBB rating. That's not a thing to be proud of. That is not something to be trumpeting when our Commonwealth with a AAA rating is going through tough economic times.


I don't live in the 37th, but I find it encouraging that there are three people seeking the GOP nod there. Should be interesting!

Rick S

Apples and oranges when you are talking about government bond ratings versus private business ratings. A state has a major advantage over a private company in revenue genertation (ie raising taxes with the stroke of a pen). BBB+ rating is a very solid investment grade rating for a business that isn't very large or very old.

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