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November 06, 2009



Before we get all fired up we should note the story CCC referenced said:

"Democrats who have been talked about for the seat include Dels. David L. Bulova and Dave W. Marsden (D-Fairfax) and Janet Oleszek, a former school board member who ran against Cuccinelli in 2007."

This hardly seems like Hoot is in for the long haul-although lord knows I hope she goes.

We shall see!


Can someone please explain to me why we can't find a candidate to run against Bulova? I worked one of the polling locations in his district and noticed the ballot. What's up with that? Are people just chalking this up to another family political "dynasty" in NoVA?

Small factoid...I was David's supervisor for his summer job with the Ffx Park Auth.


We had someone running against Bulova this year but he dropped out at the last minute and there wasn't time to find a replacement.

I think because David is a nice guy and his mom is so powerful that people are reluctant to go against him. Mason ran in a bad year, and was family friends with them, which made it tough. A serious candidate with a base in the City could run here and win.

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