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November 09, 2009



Friend, you have many valid points. Steve Shannon was a terrible candidate. However, it was not Ken who united the party in Fairfax. The credit really needs to go to Anthony Bedell and Pat Herrity. They have united Fairfax.


Bjohnson,...if ya read mo' carefully,...Chris wuz writing about 2007 Ya' dig?

No jet back ta keeping gangsta fluffed!


Gangsta, I think BJohnson was also referring to Pat's run in 07. I think Pat was the reason there was so much unity in the Springfield candidates unlike Ken. And I do believe the reason that there is so much unity today in Ffx, is not because of anything Ken has done but rather the infrastructure that Pat and Anthony developed. Rather than heaping undue and unearned praise on Ken, maybe Mason Conservative should be devoting more time writing about how awesome Pat Herrity is


Anna Lee,...uh,...I mean Sullyistheheart, git off da geekbox an don' make me pull mah gat!

Tell Jim Rich ima pop uh cap in's ass, too... even if he be hidin 'hind Gail Swenson's supa-sized ass and shit.


Gangsta, Sullyistheheart is correct. I was not talking about Pat in just 09. I was also talking about Pat in 07. As a volunteer it was the first time I'd ever seen a team built outside the Davis years. Pat lead that push in Springfield. The reason Ken was at the top of the pieces in 07 is not because he was the leader it was because he was the top of the ticket. I'm not sure who Jim or Gail are but I'm sure they don't appreciate your negative comments.

A Voter

I disagree with your take of the 67th. Reese needed to be ousted due to being an obvious Dem in Republican clothing. He was overt in his pro-tax & pro-baby-killing activism in the House, and once eliminated the first thing he did was support Caputo (D).

We needed Reese like we needed a hole in the head.

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