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November 14, 2009


Shaun Kenney

Pacquiao in 7 by KO...

Cotto is going to take a lot of head shots tonight. Not sure Cotto's style is going to be effective against ol' Manny. A lot of posturing for four rounds, then the heat (and the speed) turns up.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao!


Floyd is scared to death of fighting Pacman. He can't control him, he can't dictate terms, and he's just as big a draw.

But then again, all the other welterweights are tied up. Mosley is fighting Berto, Margarito is damaged goods after getting destroyed by Mosley and then getting caught with illegal hand wraps. Marquez can't fight that heavy and Hatton just got torn through.

Unless Mayweather wants to bad his stats fighting guys like Zab Juddah, Carlos Quintana, or Joshua Clottey, he better take this fight should Pacman win.

And he I think Mayweather also wants nothing to do with Cotto, btw.


I agree with you Chris. What Pacquiao did to Cotto will alarm Mayweather (but of course, Mayweather will not show his gayness to the public). But if I were Pacquio, I wont chase anymore Mayweather because he has nothing to prove anymore. Holding his 7 titles in different weight divisions, no doubt, Pacquiao is now the best boxer ever in the history.

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