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November 07, 2009



I had people coming up to me today asking who the heck Marianne Horinko was and why she would be running in the 37th. Much skepticism evident from her sudden appearance.

I tolk those folks to check out Steve Hunt, and they not only remembered the guy from his school board tenure, but told me they now knew what they were going to do in the primary.

Looks like the 37th district isn't going to be all that competitive.

Lauren Yoder

I live in Reynolds senate district and I know he is in danger if he stays. He has had very weak opponents the last two races but that is going to change. There are several high quality candidates with great reputations ready to run. Reynolds district is made up of conservative counties and Martinsville city. They went strongly for McDonnell; Wythe72%,Patrick 70%, Floyd 65%, Carroll 73%,Henry 63%, Grayson 70% and Martinsville city went 51% for Deeds. Obama only got 39% in the district. With the right candidate it will be a cake walk.

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