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November 04, 2009



If Mark Warner "raised taxes to put the state's finances on a surer footing and invest in the long-term health of its roads, bridges, school and public safety" then why have all those areas declined in just four years since he left the governor's mansion?

Did Warner's tax increase build more roads or ease congestion? Not that I've seen. It was still a big issue today.

Did his big tax increase help schools? Again, they are cutting budgets across the board. So...NO!

Did his tax increase help public safety? Maybe.

Did Warner's tax increase put the state budget on sounder footing? Let's see, since he left office his LG - with the same budget director (now the failed LG nominee) - has had to call numerous special sessions to increase taxes and cut funding. Doesn't sound like a sound footing he left to his successors.

What's with the praise of Warner's tax increase? We have higher taxes and little to nothing to show for it!


I also love the fact that the Post doesn't understand Virginia funding formulas. For every statewide tax increase NoVa loses out considerably.


The Post shows purposeful disdain for Virginia as a whole, they wish it to be Maryland. Its not suprising the don't understand how the state works.

Dorothy Johnson

Congradulations to Nr MacDonald for winning the govenorship in the great state of Virginia. I hope you will open some of the rest areas on I 81 because its hard to wait for 90 -100 miles to go to the bathroom. Plus it makes our state look cheap. Thanks and again congradulations. We are very happy to have a Redpublican back into our state government. Will we had more in Washington DC.

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