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November 05, 2009



Enough can't be said about #5 on your list. Throughout my door knocking efforts, I constantly heard people say that the main reason they are not buying the thesis attack was due to his daughter.

Mark Keam

I'd like to add my congratulations to Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli and to all the House candidates of both parties who won this week. As a Democrat, I also want to give credit where it's due -- to the Republican candidates, staff, volunteers and grassroots activists for the strong campaigns they ran and also for generating the energy and enthusiasm we saw in the recent weeks. As for your top ten list, I was surprised to see my name included! I certainly didn't expect it, and I'm not sure if I deserve to be on your list considering the circumstances of this week. But I do appreciate your generous words and for reaching out to include Democrats. Now that the campaigns are over, I'm looking forward to the upcoming legislative session and seeking ways we can all work together. Let's stay in touch, and again, thank you for reaching out to me! Mark Keam


OVerall good analysis. McDonnell and Cuccinelli did "balance" the ticket in a way by making it attractive to both moderates and independents as well as the hard right base. Also on the Va Beach thing, agree with you on three of the four, the exception is Northam-Va Beach is a very small portion of his district and Northam is likely to remain strong in Norfolk and on the Eastern Shore.

On another note while I didnt vote for the three victors I would like to congratulate them and wish them well.


I'd add Patty Reed to your list in her own right. Although School Board is an independent gig, she was the Republicans' endorsed candidate in a Democratic stronghold. She ran a fine, very positive, very grassroots campaign. It was great to see that she had pulled off a victory.

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