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November 05, 2009



Darn! Dick Saslaw isn't on your list! LOL


Whoever it is needs to be someone who has had a long run of service...then their state pension is pegged to the highest three years of salary.

Colgan would be the obvious one on that front, except he's around 80. Barker and Northam just got elected, so unless it is something with real professional-not political advancement-they ain't moving on. So based on that I have to figure Reynolds. He has been in the GA since 1986, and his part of the state is quite conservative and I would think competitive for the GOP.

Vivian J. Paige

Let's just say that the Senator I'm hearing isn't on your list.


In the words of Ace Ventura . . re-he-heeeeelllly? Do tell

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